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Custom Brass Signs

Custom Brass Signs
When you want an classic way to style your message, go with an elegant brass sign. We offer two different brass materials for your custom sign. Compare the styles to find the perfect look, at an affordable price for your office.

• To get started, choose a custom template below and add your message.

• For more complex designs, contact our CSR team and email your sketch. Our art team will turn your image into a professional brass sign design – at no extra cost.

• You can also use these for nameplates, badges, or memorial plaques.

Brass Signs – a Guide
Brass Signs – a Guide
Don't know which brass to choose? Learn more about our materials to find the perfect fit.
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Custom Engraved Brass Sign
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Customer Reviews
Man User Icon
Mar 30, 2019

Size: 3" x 8" Material Type: Bugle Heavy Brass Engraved   Verified Purchase

Finishing touch to great grandparents door.

My sign is the finishing touch to the restoration of my great grandparents 1880 door.. What a wonderful way to let future generations know where the door came from. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job.
Man User Icon
Mar 29, 2019

Size: 6" x 16" Material Type: Bugle Heavy Brass Engraved   Verified Purchase

Great services

It looked great. Quick service, and will recommend the service to others.
Man User Icon
Mar 26, 2019

Size: 6" x 8" Material Type: Cymbalic Brass Sublimated   Verified Purchase

Nice job

Turned out as expected. Thank you.
Man User Icon
Mar 25, 2019

Size: 2" x 10" Material Type: Bugle Heavy Brass Engraved   Verified Purchase

Second sign

Second plate from MES. Both were/are excellent and hanging in place. Any future signs that I need will be ordered from here. Thanks for the nice work and prompt service.
Woman User Icon
Mar 11, 2019

Size: 2" x 6" Material Type: Bugle Heavy Brass Engraved   Verified Purchase

Very Satisfied!

The sign was exactly what we wanted! Thank you very much!